The past is gone.

Heavenly Father, it’s New’s Year’s Eve and with that the promise of earthly hopes for the new year.  Of course I have those hopes – for a better job, for close and closer communication with friends new and old, for continuing and deepening love with my partner in life.  Best of all, I know the happenings of this year or any year will all be surpassed by what you have in store at the dawn of our final new era, dear Father.  Thank you – I think I’m finally ‘getting’ that.

I pray for others – for my family members who don’t know you deeply to seek and find wonders that they never knew existed, and to see their lives change because of you.  For deepening strength in those who do cherish you, and for evil to stay far away from them.  For this country as a whole – for the political powers that be to compromise to save our country’s stability in a financial sense.

I am complete in you, Lord.  Allow me to truly leave the past behind and go forward in this new year.  My heart is full and joyful at the thought of you and your control and presence in this life.  I don’t want to be in charge, I want you to be.  You give us opportunities to direct and live and make our way in the world, and through all those things we grow.  May this growth be in your name, according to your will.  Thank you for so many incredible blessings.


Secure outcome of this life

Dear Lord, we hope.  We dream.  Thoughts this morning were of a stadium – the hopes and dreams of thousands of cheering fans resting on the outcome of a game.  My hopes and dreams rest in you Lord, and I know the outcome.  I don’t have to be desolate over the loss of your precious love, your grace, your care, like a random fan at a losing game.  There’s no need to ever stop the worship, praise, and downright cheering – because You promised a room for me in your mansion.  Nothing but a win-win.

Multiplied love

Thank you for children who, when grown, multiply the love you’ve given them and give it back. Bless the children, help them to grow in the knowledge and appreciation of You, and may the love continue throughout the generations. Help us all to give back to you multiples upon multiples of the love you so freely give.  

Heaping the burdens

Lord, some days I wake with a burdened feeling.  And this morning I was tired – so often not sleeping enough.  And once again I laid my worries on you – this time, in one big heap; none of them are really huge, there just seem to be a lot of them.

And you gave me rest and peacefulness, just like you promised.

And now may I ask for just a little bit of energy to charge-up this day; energy that can only come from you, energy to praise you, to recognize you in the love of my loved ones, energy to smile and do so from the heart.  I want to love others like you love, Lord, and maybe help take off some of their heavy load.  In your Name.

I’ll leave my heap of burdens with you, seems you don’t mind.  Thanks for blessings, dear Father, and the opportunity to appreciate them.  The blessings are far greater than the woes.




Puzzle pieces

Oh. Wow.  You did it again, Lord.  You took the puzzle pieces of our complicated lives, the ones that didn’t seem to fit no matter how we turned them, and you slid them into place just perfectly – more perfectly than I could have done by my own means or even imagined.  I knew the puzzle was there…and for once, I let go of it…and I prayed.   Forgive me my unbelief, because the result is more complete, more calm, more happy…all of those “mores” that make it so obviously a gift from you.

Thank you for the gift of answered prayers.  Sometimes there’s attention paid (with thanks) to our unanswered prayers, and of course that’s true, too; we don’t always have your will in mind and I can almost hear the chuckle as you direct us down a different path – in your time, your way.  But this time, I’m saying thank you for allowing me to recognize the track of the puzzling pieces that didn’t fit, to prayer, to your beautiful answer.

I pray with overwhelming thanks for the gift of overflowing love that you bless us with, and for guiding me once again to let go and let You be in charge.

Turning off the spout

I’ve taken some time to be alone these past few days.  I’m learning that You want me to be just me and to know that’s okay with You.  And my ‘just being me’ doesn’t always have to be okay with anybody but You and me.  I don’t have to be perfect, because I can’t be anyway.

Please grant me the grace – a flake of a fraction of a tiny bit of the kind of grace you have – to think before I speak; to put a hold on the selfish spouting of my mouth so that maybe once in awhile I’ll think things through to their more complex depths.  And then maybe once in awhile I’ll save some feelings, deepen relationships, broaden my scope.

On hearing myself pray.

Communication is the key to so many things.  Almost everything.  Thank you Father, for always listening, for allowing my words to take shape, for allowing me to hear myself as I talk to you because sometimes it is only then that I really hear what I mean, what I think, what I know.  Thank you for the times that I recognize the need to pause to listen to really hear you, and for the times you get through to me even when I don’t.

There have been some marvelous people in my life from whom I could have learned much, and I’m only just recognizing that.  Help me to see the beauty and the marvelousness that lies somewhere in just about everybody.  And forgive me please the cynicism that doesn’t let me see it in all.

Bless the children, dear Lord – my children and their children and the children of the world. Bless them with eyes to see You and hearts that are wide open to give and accept the beauty, the reality of the One who did it all for us.