On hearing myself pray.

Communication is the key to so many things.  Almost everything.  Thank you Father, for always listening, for allowing my words to take shape, for allowing me to hear myself as I talk to you because sometimes it is only then that I really hear what I mean, what I think, what I know.  Thank you for the times that I recognize the need to pause to listen to really hear you, and for the times you get through to me even when I don’t.

There have been some marvelous people in my life from whom I could have learned much, and I’m only just recognizing that.  Help me to see the beauty and the marvelousness that lies somewhere in just about everybody.  And forgive me please the cynicism that doesn’t let me see it in all.

Bless the children, dear Lord – my children and their children and the children of the world. Bless them with eyes to see You and hearts that are wide open to give and accept the beauty, the reality of the One who did it all for us.


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