Puzzle pieces

Oh. Wow.  You did it again, Lord.  You took the puzzle pieces of our complicated lives, the ones that didn’t seem to fit no matter how we turned them, and you slid them into place just perfectly – more perfectly than I could have done by my own means or even imagined.  I knew the puzzle was there…and for once, I let go of it…and I prayed.   Forgive me my unbelief, because the result is more complete, more calm, more happy…all of those “mores” that make it so obviously a gift from you.

Thank you for the gift of answered prayers.  Sometimes there’s attention paid (with thanks) to our unanswered prayers, and of course that’s true, too; we don’t always have your will in mind and I can almost hear the chuckle as you direct us down a different path – in your time, your way.  But this time, I’m saying thank you for allowing me to recognize the track of the puzzling pieces that didn’t fit, to prayer, to your beautiful answer.

I pray with overwhelming thanks for the gift of overflowing love that you bless us with, and for guiding me once again to let go and let You be in charge.


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