Heaping the burdens

Lord, some days I wake with a burdened feeling.  And this morning I was tired – so often not sleeping enough.  And once again I laid my worries on you – this time, in one big heap; none of them are really huge, there just seem to be a lot of them.

And you gave me rest and peacefulness, just like you promised.

And now may I ask for just a little bit of energy to charge-up this day; energy that can only come from you, energy to praise you, to recognize you in the love of my loved ones, energy to smile and do so from the heart.  I want to love others like you love, Lord, and maybe help take off some of their heavy load.  In your Name.

I’ll leave my heap of burdens with you, seems you don’t mind.  Thanks for blessings, dear Father, and the opportunity to appreciate them.  The blessings are far greater than the woes.





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