The past is gone.

Heavenly Father, it’s New’s Year’s Eve and with that the promise of earthly hopes for the new year.  Of course I have those hopes – for a better job, for close and closer communication with friends new and old, for continuing and deepening love with my partner in life.  Best of all, I know the happenings of this year or any year will all be surpassed by what you have in store at the dawn of our final new era, dear Father.  Thank you – I think I’m finally ‘getting’ that.

I pray for others – for my family members who don’t know you deeply to seek and find wonders that they never knew existed, and to see their lives change because of you.  For deepening strength in those who do cherish you, and for evil to stay far away from them.  For this country as a whole – for the political powers that be to compromise to save our country’s stability in a financial sense.

I am complete in you, Lord.  Allow me to truly leave the past behind and go forward in this new year.  My heart is full and joyful at the thought of you and your control and presence in this life.  I don’t want to be in charge, I want you to be.  You give us opportunities to direct and live and make our way in the world, and through all those things we grow.  May this growth be in your name, according to your will.  Thank you for so many incredible blessings.


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