Hold me

Thank you, Lord, for holding me while I sleep.


A beautiful and particular joy

Lord,  I see clouds in the sky but I know that behind them is pure and brilliant sun.  Sometimes the sun peeks out and sometimes it glares forth, sometimes it even seems to be hidden.  I’m sorry I don’t always see your love, Lord – when it’s not in the forefront of my view of life because the clouds get in the way.  

My feelings are so immense; forgive me my pompousness, forgive my reaching too far sometimes, when really you are right here – your love is a beautiful and particular joy.

I love you, Lord and I am so grateful that every day of my life that I get to be with you.  No matter what, no matter when, no matter where.  You always bring me to the place where peace is; you are peace.  Sometimes I just want to sit back, relax, and just praise you, Lord.  Worshipping the only thing that really matters.  Holy Father, I praise you, worship you and adore you.  Help me to show others your light, your life, your care, your love.  I am in awe of the way you work all things out to your Glory.  

Please be with my friends who are struggling in many different ways; bring my family ever closer to  You.  In Jesus’ name.

Answer to no prayer?

Father, I woke this morning feeling fine.  The last couple of days have had that ominous “gonna get sick” feeling – a little feverish, a little headachy.  I realized this morning that I hadn’t prayed about that – it just seemed a state of being.  At the same time and maybe because of that, I recognized that you provided this healthy day.  Thank you for being there when I don’t even think to pray.  Thank you for providing a life that is full and happy – and overall, fairly healthy.  May I use it to honor You!

Bound hearts

“Blessed be the tie that binds
Our hearts in Christian love;
The fellowship of kindred minds
Is like that to that above.”

Lyrics: John Fawcett

My thoughts exactly.  Lord, how blessed I am to live among Christian friends – those ties are strong and powerful.  Our fellowship – that of kindred minds, others do not understand – is only a breath of what You have in store for us.  Thank you for binding our hearts to Yours, dear Father.  For eternity.

A wink in the sunshine

Dear Lord, today you gave me a wink and let me know that there are still good people in the world. It’s too bad that it comes as a surprise when a person does a nice thing.

There are many among us who are not so good; some horrible, in fact. When I hear the local and national news, or even just talk to my peers, I can feel ‘badness’ pulling a dark cloud over society. It was nice to feel that ray of sunshine.

I want to be nice – and generally am, at least outwardly. Lord, I pray that my inner-self can grow to match my outward-self – and I know it will, the more I learn and watch and pray with Your will in mind.

Thank you that I know the difference.

Soul-filling peace

What soul-filling peace You provide, dear Heavenly Father.  Thank you for never ceasing to amaze me with your grace.  It seems that you light the sky brighter than the morning sunlight that’s glaring in my face as I drive to work and pray; my heart pours out praise in song.  All that sounds like it’s a little hyper-godly but it’s not, it’s real, and it’s just one of the uncountable gifts from You.

Lord, be with our children and their children today – help them all to grow stronger in You every day.  Please spread your protection wide around them – I pray that they will know Your peace like I do!

Thank you for changing my life.

Cherish this day

Father, I’m going to cherish this day because You made it.  You’ve given it to me and I don’t want to waste it – what a precious gift.  So often (sadly) I don’t think like that but this thought overpowers me sometimes lately…I value this gift of time, the opportunity to do more, be more, and accept more love in Your name.  Help me to to be wise and have stronger faith with each new day.   Always – in Jesus’ name.