No faking, no pretend

Lord, I don’t want my prayers to be less than they should be, or to make light of anything. I’m taking my current insight into life on earth and trying as much as any sinner can to turn that life upward to you. And it doesn’t seem enough, but any more wordiness would be fake. And fake, I don’t want to be. Because I’ve been through stages of churchliness when I’ve heard myself speak in words that only other churchgoers, preferably of the same denomination, would even try to understand. I’ve covered myself with a pretend-You that was mostly of my own making. And really Lord, I’d rather just be straight with you. I know that’s what you really want, because it’s all I’ve really got.

Today, the relationships of particular friends and family are on my mind. Please help them – those who can’t break through communication barriers; those who hold grudges; those who cannot find it within themselves to compromise; those who believe it’s time for independence. Let them see love – your love, and the love within their own situations. Let the love grow and not the antagonism as they deal with one another. I pray that they will see more of You somehow through their problems, knowing from experience that sometimes people can’t see you until they get really low. And I’m so grateful you have always been there, taking the pottery shards and re-shaping them time and time again. I hope that for others now.


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