2013 is gone.

My Lord, my God,

Another year is past. It was a year of good intentions and many changes. Intentions to blog my prayers – short-lived, when I questioned whether I really want to do this. If I really have something to say, each day of the year.  Of course, I have much to say to God but the internet is, after all, public. Is public prayer too assertive? Does my focus therefore become “what will people think” instead of “what is on my heart,” and more importantly, “straight-up real” to You?

I don’t know the answer to that one, I only know that I am led, once again, to this spot to pray in words in black-and-white. So here I am, a more competent blogger, for sure, thanks to my job. Perhaps thus the confidence to be here. And absolutely sure You will lead whoever needs to be here with me to read and to think along with me. To pray, and know that we are heard.

The changes? A complete job change with re-location and buying a new house, yes, that’s real change. I have felt solidly led by You, Lord, as these changes unfolded. Directed by You — and a little bit by my mom, as silly as that sounds. She’d want me to follow my heart, and write, and work with quilts. Thank you, Lord, for the season (no, the year) of change that T and I have just endured. We endure well together. Our hearts are blended and bonded together, and the love we share for You is a beautiful part of our relationship.

As 2014 dawns in less than 12 hours, I’m here to say simply that I love you, Lord. My heart is ever so much more sure of the peace that comes only from you. My mind is set on learning and growing and writing, about and for you. Show me the plans you have for me, Lord, for unto you I have given my heart, my soul, my spirit. Take me where you would have me to be.

Praise be to God, in the name of Jesus Christ.