The Writing Behind the Wall

We’re having some construction done on the house. I’ve noticed a multitude of directional marks on the walls lately, made by the contractor who is making some changes. Pencil marks, made with one of those large-leaded square pencils with no eraser, reminding him where he can find the supporting structure, numbers that mean measurements known only to him.  Although they will be covered up, those marks will remain.

This morning, I looked at the writings that will be hidden behind some trim that is going up in the kitchen. I thought of God’s writings; not the Bible ones, but the ones on our hearts. Everything exterior to those writings may change (our lives, our looks, our residence), but the knowledge that we are His, our understanding of Him, even our future in Him is written by Him on our hearts, in our souls, in our conscience. He’s our contractor. He’s the one who built us and has made a never-to-be-erased mark deep within our lives. I’m so grateful for that.

Lord, open my heart to know and to understand the wonderful, indelible things that you have written on my heart. Help me to push away the things that don’t matter and find the basics, the real truth, of Your way, the “writing” that’s behind all of the exterior mess or glamour. Thank you for the quiet times of devotion to You, of communication with you, when I can look inside myself for glimpses of Your love, Your direction, and Your peace.

How blessed, how grateful I am because of You. I have foundation that is more than solid; it is unmovable, unshakable, undeniable, and incredible.

Thank you for your loving grace through Jesus Christ.


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