Glimmer From the Contrast

I spoke recently with a fiber artist who has a unique color style. She creates works of art that have a sense of light beaming from the depths of her work. I asked her how she accomplishes this, and she told me that when you put the lightest fabric next to the darkest of dark, then graduate the colors in a gradual shade-rainbow from each, you get that glimmer. She said, it’s like sunset behind the black silhouette of a tree; the sunset would not be so striking without the dark contrast of the tree.

And so it is with the contrast of good vs. evil; of the goodness of God vs. the “world.” Without that contrast, we’d maybe never see the beauty of the glimmering light.

And this isn’t how I expected this post to go when I started. Intention: God’s light shines from the dark world, and the contrast is brilliant and exciting and illuminating. That’s all true and amazing. But as I write, I think: perhaps that contrast is one of the purposes, like when people say “why does God let bad things happen?.” His brilliance is greatly contrasted against it; His love in a world of hurt, His good in a world of evil. It might be that the contrast is part of the purpose. A big bright spot in a world of lesser bright light is seen, but not appreciated. A big bright spot against the deepest, darkest black is startling, acutely impressive, and sometimes life-changing.

Lord, I pray that others will see a bright spot when they see me, for Your precious sake. In a world of darkness, let Your light shine like fireworks among the ashes of hate, of pain, of darkness of whatever kind. And help us to see those bright spots, to recognize them, to appreciate your Glory every day, every hour of our lives.

May this day be full of Your truth. Thank you for bringing me back to your Word and allowing me to jump right back in where I left off. And at such a precious place in Psalms. You fill my heart with true joy.

In Jesus’ precious name I pray.


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