He’s There. And I’m thankful.

I can’t imagine that God would keep listening to my prayers when so often they are interrupted, slept on, and forgotten. I can’t imagine that God sees me putting off going to Him, reading His Word, and ministering in His Name and still holds me tight. But He does, and He is the one and only who knows the faith in our hearts, has perfect patience, and gives perfect peace.

Dearest Lord, thank you for the times I so deeply feel your presence. Thank you for the love that you spread far and wide. Thank you for hope, that when I feel neglectful of you I know I can still have confidence in your precious love and care. I’m so grateful to be your child. Thank you for being there, everywhere. Thank you for every bit of creation from the sunsets to the tiniest blade of grass, for the deer in the woods and the birds in the sky. Thank you for food, shelter, and a loving companion. In Jesus precious Name I pray, with love and thanksgiving.