Fools Despise Wisdom

Proverbs 1:8 says “…fools despise wisdom and instruction.”And further, in 1:22, “fools hate knowledge.”

I can’t imagine hating knowledge. I love knowledge! I like learning about so many things that I’m thought of as easily distracted, perhaps…but inside my head, absorbing and comprehending come together naturally in work and life, and I just want to jam in as much as possible. Multi-focused is maybe a better term for it. The Internet compounds the situation with opportunities to research literally everything. I often can’t relax.

But the hobbies, the nutrition and cooking, studying art or writing, the miscellaneous facts that I learn each day don’t amount to much, do they? The wisdom that counts over all other learning is found only by being in touch with God, by reading the Bible, by analyzing thoughts and actions against what is right and good.

I didn’t think this this post would turn inward. I started it with a draft days ago, thinking of illogical presidential candidates and hoping for their true redemption. I spent some time considering unwise people following unwise people. I hurt for our country, and for people who can’t see wisdom because of so many blinders in their way. It makes me sad for them. I want them to fear the Lord and follow Him, too. To truly rise as a country, we must first rise up as His children.

Reading on to Proverbs 1:23: “Repent…then I will pour out my thoughts to you, I will make known to you my teachings.” There is no more special knowledge than that which comes from God. Whether it is our nation or each of us in our individual worlds, right down to the wasted minutes, even seconds, that we could be spending with God, He’s calling us to make it right. “Then” we will be privileged to know true wisdom from the source.
Lord, forgive me for valuing the time I spend paying attention to superflous things over time spent with You. Help me to focus You as the only important source of wisdom. I get so wrapped up that I procrastinate, and You so patiently wait for me every time. I want the unwise to fear You and love you, of course, and for our country to regroup under You as God of all. But thank you for turning this post around to show me another bit of wisdom about my own heart.


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