In View of the Mountaintop

Have you had a mountaintop experience? Your heart feels so full it could burst with love for the Lord, and all of His creation seems magnified through the looking glass of His grace, and love, and mercy.

In Exodus 20, Moses’ face was radiant as he came down from the mountain with the ten commandments in his arms. Think also of the faith Abraham in Genesis 22, and the experience of Peter, James, and John in Mark 9. While our experiences may not be quite up to Biblical proportions, still they fill us with radiance, faith, and awe.

I’ve known people, myself included, who have been so happy experiencing a “mountaintop” of togetherness with God that they never want to leave. Who would? But time passes, a little or a lot, and we find ourselves back in the valley of despair or at least on the plateau of everyday life.

Our daily life as deemed by God is one of struggles, hardships, boredoms, and frustrations. Until Heaven, He has at least allowed us that glimpse of fulfillment that is felt in those close-to-God times here on earth. As we draw close to Him, He takes us there, to a place that is emotional, deep, and strong.

Not feeling it right now? Look up. The top of that mountain is there, always. We’ll reach it now and again, and are never to be discouraged, worried, or afraid in the meantime. Elation is not a permanent state of mind, at least not here on planet earth. But confidence can be: confidence in the One who takes us to the mountaintop, gives us hope, and then allows us to carry on, knowing we’ll be back.

I’ve been on the mountain and I’ve been in the valley, Lord. I’m grateful for the experiences that draw me closer to you…and for those that help my confidence in you grow strong.


Bright Future

Consider for a moment or a lifetime the brightness of heaven. I woke with the clarity of light and the near-effervescence of a morning ripe with a sunny glow, thanks to an overnight snowfall. It’s a treat to those of us who live in gloomy regions in the winter, when gray skies drag a dank, somber element into the environment, to be lifted by sunshine, a bit of blue in the sky, and clean white on ground alive with moving tree shadows. The evergreens touched with snow now stand in sharp contrast to the limbs and branches in the woods around me. Who noticed them just yesterday?

Heaven will be like this. Not the snow, perhaps (who knows?) but the non-gloominess. The cleansing, as an overnight snowfall does, will allow hearts to be permanently light and full of joy.

God’s washing makes us whiter than snow (Psalm 51:7). Take joy in the fact that He has made you clean. Live in that whiteness, that effervescent place within, and know that the clarity, the brightness will be even better in heaven. Dullness of heart and darkness mind, move over. Heavenly light, in us now and around us then, can’t be extinguished.

Dearest Lord, open my eyes and my heart to Your brightness, to Your glory. May I be Your light to those who need it, and in my own dark seasons, may I never forget to reach out to grasp Your light, not settling into the darkness. Your grace, your brilliance, and your beauty, are always there.