Conscience Cleared

In Acts, Paul states that he strives always to keep his conscience clear before God and man.  I read that and paused, thinking over the stages and phases of my life. An unclear conscience is like a jail cell, the bars in place to keep true communication from happening with God or man. I know that far too well. A clear conscience equals freedom that upholds nothing but the truth. It allows peace and calm to reign in the soul. It is essential.  

Dear God, I am thankful for the benefits of age and wisdom. I can see as I did not in years past the exceptional, brilliant beauty and value of truth. I am grateful for forgiveness through Jesus Christ and that through Him we, His children, can move on, always toward a greater peace. May I continue to hold this peaceful, calm soul always through my clear conscience, and may others come to know the same. Amen.


What a Put-Off.

I’ve had good intentions recently. Yes. I woke each of the last two days with no time to blog-pray, and had very good intentions to do it later in the day. But “later” gets busy. Life gets charged with an energy of its own, and I’m left at the end of the day tired, with good intentions that tomorrow will be a better, different day in terms of prayer and worship.

But the thing is, those days I didn’t pray on the way to work. I didn’t read the devotional that I usually read, or pick up my Bible. And it wasn’t til after the fact that I realize the gift, the beauty, the purpose of being intentional FIRST THING…so life doesn’t get in the way. It’s a good life, but dare I say? Well, I have to say, because it’s proven…too busy for God.

Dear Lord, when my good intentions fail, I know you are still there. I know I can always come back and you’ll still be there. But I pray that my life will revolve around worship and prayer and not  be one in which those things are left behind. I pray for strength to fight the sleepiness, the “other things,” the “I’m too busy” life, because communication with you daily matters more than I sometimes believe. I see it in retrospect. Help me to see it in the present tense.

I love You, Lord. I know that if I want to hear your voice, I must take the time to listen. Thank You for being there.