And a New Year is Here.

Thank you , Lord, for this new year, this fresh start. Each year on this date I (and so many people) grab on to the understanding that the past is the past. That time can begin again. That we’re forgiven, for real. I know that every day with You includes that fresh start, and I’m grateful.

On this day, this precious first day of the year of our Lord 2014, my heart opens wide. Fill it, mold it, make it Yours. I have hopes about the coming year; I know that you are the ultimate planner of life, and I sense that many of the things that you have planned for my life are coming toward center, toward a point at which You can really use the gifts you have allowed me to enjoy. Let it be as You would have it to be, and help me to stay out of the way with my shallow, ineffective, misdirected ideas–and my laziness.

I’m not strong and always need Your guidance; I pray that I won’t forget that. Help me to never stop moving forward according to Your plan, even when I don’t understand Your timing. I pray for this world to look to You, to truly see you, and to hang on to Your grace, Your forgiveness, and Your love. Forever.

In Jesus precious name.